My Dear Dr Steve,
Yeah, Yeah, I know it's your career and you get paid. But there's more to the practice, and you, than merely that. Your staff is gracious and accommodating. So are you! You found time for me and I am grateful. One can't expect much more out of a 50 year old appliance - or a 78 year old patient! Thanks

Rosemary M.

Dr Steven Rhodes and his highly trained team go above and beyond to guarantee his patients receive the most up to date treatment that technology has to offer! Dr Rhodes many years of experience and his motivation to provide his patients with the most professional care, is why I trust him and his team. Dr Rhodes professionalism is outstanding!

Sherri P.

Dr Steven Rhodes work is perfection incarnate. For me as his patient, it's a dream come true without pain and with only minor discomfort when he did major work on my teeth. He certainly is a very talented and capable artist in his profession. He and his staff are highly professional, patient, kind and always polite. They all possess the qualities a patient seeks, but not always found in any medical field. With great appreciation and admiration.

Princess Ada Toumanoff

Dr Rhodes is without a doubt the most conscientious and dedicated dentist. He took the time while treating me and actually "Crafted" me new dentures, and my results are absolutely perfect. I can even eat corn on the cob!

Timothy S.

Dr Rhodes has been my dentist for over 20 years. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and updates whenever new technology is available. His office has the latest state of the art equipment and his number one concern is always the patient.

Mary S