Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Porcelain Fixed Bridges by Board Certified Prosthodontist Steven Rhodes, DDS

Las Vegas

Steve Rhodes is board certified on a national level and offers exceptional service and procedures that you just can't find at a general dentist's office! Below is an overview of the porcelain fixed bridges procedure we offer at our local Las Vegas office.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a fixed, non-removable dental device that serves to replace missing teeth.

What is the most common type of dental bridge?

The most common type of dental bridge is made of porcelain and fused to metal. These traditional bridges are the most popular because they most closely match your natural teeth. Typically, traditional dental bridges consist of two crowns that go over two anchoring teeth and are attached to artificial teeth that fill the gap you may have due to one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges are very long lasting, but may need to be replaced due to normal wear.

Reasons to get a fixed bridge:

  • Fill  the space of missing teeth
  • Maintain you natural facial shape
  • Prevent your remaining teeth from moving out of their natural positioning
  • Restore the ability to chew and/or speak
  • Restore your natural smile
  • Upgrading from a removable partial denture to a permanent dental device

What does getting a fixed bridge involve?

Getting a fixed dental bridge will usually require two or more visits. At your first visit, your teeth will be numbed, and the two teeth that will be used as anchors will be prepared by partial removal of enamel in order to allow for the crown to fit over. We will then make a mold that will be sent to be processed in the lab, as well as creating a temporary bridge that you will wear while the permanent bridge is being created. 

The second appointment at our office will involve checking, adjusting, and cementing your permanent bridge to ensure that it fits properly. Sometimes we may wait to permanently cement the bridge until your teeth and tissue in your mouth have time to adjust. We will also offer suggestions for caring for your new permanent bridge. Typically, regular brushing, flossing, and dentist visits will help extend the life of your bridge.

Interested in learning more about our dental bridge procedures? Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.


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