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I was inspired by my grandfather who was a dental technician in Beverly Hills from the 1930’s to 1950’s. He was well-known for his artistic abilities and much of his work fulfilled the needs of Hollywood’s best dentist and stars. My father, Leonard, was also inspired by his father, exciting him to pursue a career as a dentist. After graduating from Marquette School of Dentistry in 1958, we moved to Las Vegas where he practiced until his retirement in 1994. Following in my father’s footsteps, I attended the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry and then went on to pursue my residency in Prosthodontics at the Health Science Center of Texas at San Antonio. Upon the completion of my residency program, I returned to practice dentistry with a specialty in Prosthodontics working with my father until his retirement. Prosthodontics is an American Dental Association (ADA) recognized specialty known for procedures as simple as whitening a tooth or as involved as replacing one or all missing teeth. 

I am surrounded by an extraordinary team of highly trained individuals who are truly a part of my professional family. I have had the pleasure of working with two outstanding hygienists for almost two decades. They represent the pillars of my practice. Our team goal is to maintain, protect, and preserve your dental investment by providing a service that supports a healthy tissue environment. When placing implants and other porcelain restorations, it is essential that the gum tissue be clean and healthy. This is why I provide a personalized hygiene department as part of my practice. I would like to consider my patients as a part of my family, for many of them have been with the practice since the late 1950’s when my father started his career. This is an honor and a large responsibility of historically not making mistakes. Other patients have been with me since the beginning of my career in the mid 1980’s to present.

The dental world is in constant evolution. Our materials and technology change as often as the new fashion trends. As a Prosthodontist, I find myself being called upon to treat complex cosmetic and full mouth reconstruction cases, both with and without teeth. This is a very broad scope of care and makes it challenging to excel. Therefore, it is important for me, as a healthcare provider, to remain current and knowledgeable. I have dedicated myself to the continuation of my family’s tradition of excellent dental care and I am grateful to have been mentored by my father.  I would like to be known as a compassionate and collaborative clinician, placing patients first, and respecting a referring doctor consultative treatment requirement. Having the opportunity to care for patients, assist and support the general dentists, and deliver care is the highest award that anyone could possibly achieve.  


  • University of Nevada Las Vegas - BA  Psychology - 1981
  • University of the Pacific Dental School - Doctor of Dental Surgery - 1984
  • University of Texas Health Sciences Center - Prosthodontic Residency - 1986 


  • Fellow, American College of Prosthodontics - 1991                                                                                                                            

In 1991, I became Board Certified and received Diplomatic status from the American Board of Prosthodontics. This national recognition is given to less than one quarter of one percent of the practicing cosmetic and restorative dentists. 



  • American College of Prosthodontics
  • Academy of Osseointegration
  • Newport Harbor Academy of Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • Clark County Dental Association
  • Nevada Dental Association


I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, traveling, skiing, rock climbing, biking, kite-boarding, and any other sport that would involve major adrenaline.





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